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Prior NAWMC Scholarship Winners

2020-21 - Maria Cole, University of North Dakota

2020-21 - Kyle Pederson, University of North Dakota

2020-21 - Coltin Grasmick, University of Wyoming

2019-20 - Amanda Bowden, University of Georgia

2018-19 - Adam Majewski, University of Wyoming

2018-19 - Thomas Mazzetti, University of Wyoming

2017-18 - Clint Leeper, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

2017-18 - Troy Zaremba, University of Illinois

2016-17 - Kacie Shourd, University of Nevada-Reno

2016-17 - Timothy Corrie, University of Northern Colorado

2015-16 - Nicholas Gapp, University of North Dakota

2015-16 - Amanda Weber, Colorado State University

2014-15 - Joshua Lagan, University of California Los Angeles

2013-14 - Jacey Wipf, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

2012-13 - Binod Pokharel, University of Wyoming

Recipient Testimonials

As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, I had the opportunity to participate in and analyze data from the Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Clouds: The Idaho Experiment (SNOWIE) which was a large field campaign centered around orographic winter storms and the physical processes by which cloud seeding impacted the spatial distribution of snowfall. This truly sparked my interest in cloud seeding and weather modification. When looking for additional opportunities with respect to weather modification, I was surprised to find a scholarship centered around it! As a recipient of the 2017-2018, North American Weather Modification Council (NAWMC) Scholarship, I was given the opportunity to visit an NAWMC meeting and Weather Modification Association meeting in Estes Park, Colorado. I had a great time in Estes Park and had the opportunity to meet many awesome people in the weather modification industry. I also learned a lot about various weather modification projects/strategies around the US. I truly appreciate the generosity of the NAWMC and definitely recommend undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in weather modification to apply for this scholarship!

-Troy Zaremba

Having participated on the ground (or rather in the air) during a glaciogenic cloud seeding campaign, I was well aware of the core science and concepts of cloud seeding. However, the opportunity to attend a weather mod council meeting (NAWMC) and conference (WMA) exposed me to the scale of cloud seeding operations across (but not limited to) the Mountain West, which I was surprised to learn. It was also exciting and encouraging to hear about all of the methods that are being used in attempting to tackle the big question of quantifying cloud seeding efficacy. The strong amount of public-private crossover at the conference was fairly unique based on my past experiences at Atmospheric Science conferences, and it was heartening to see the degree to which private programs carried the torch in tackling some of these larger cloud seeding efficacy questions in the interim between major public/university research projects dedicated to the topic.

-Adam Majewski